“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the yoga class this morning with  Rachel. She was brilliant – worked us very hard but with lots of humour.
Spontaneous applause at the end of the class.
Thanks for all the great classes anyway”
– Jane, Cranleigh


“I was at your class this evening and it was one of the best classes I have ever attended. I have never experienced such progression within a single class – I have never been able to do that kind of headstand before – even for a moment!  -Yashodha, Guildford“

A couple of years ago we met in my regular studio in Rotterdam. I really like Rachels classes and the variaty of styles she was teaching. Last year I attended a workshop of her in Rotterdam – she was living in London already and just started the Iyengar Teacher Training- and it surprised me that she already knew so much about the Iyengar style and body alignment. I really learned a lot that day. It is such a pity she moved abroad. She is a bright happy yogi with a lot of knowledge and experience and I hope to attend one of her classes in London one day.”

-Sylvia L, Rotterdam

“I had no experience of yoga, when I joined Rachel’s Class; indeed of any form of physical exsercise, so I was amazed that I was able to do some of the exercises, and felt so much better after doing them. The credit for this is solely due to Rachel. She is extremely professional, and yet has a wonderful personality; is able to push us to our limits, and beyond with great benefit.Her positive encouragement has resulted in building up my confidence. She never loses her sense of humour and has an infectious laugh. I have no desire to go to any other Class. After each session I leave feeling as though I walk on air, and very much look forward to the next.”
– Ann Davison, Twickenham

“Three years ago I started my first yoga class with Rachel. Her voice was so calm and it immediately made me feel relaxed and connected to the practice. Rachel always takes the time to explain the correct alignment of the posses in detail. If you struggle in a pose, she will help you and give you personal hand on- adjustments. I find that very helpful, and l noticed that l’ve grown a lot quicker. l am more aware of my body alignment and my posture outside the class. She has a lot of knowledge about the yoga philosophy and you can feel that in her experienced way of teaching. Rachel is Yoga”
– Cathy P. Vlaardingen, Holland

“Rachel is a great instructor. She is very supportive and always strives to help us improve by paying particular attention to exactly how we complete the exercises. Her classes are challenging, enjoyable and always varied, with new positions and exercises every week. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to her sessions”
-Claire J. Peaslake

“This is an expression of my sincere appreciation to you for sharing with me compassionately your teaching of yoga, and anatomy of the human body. I am very eager to absorb your teaching in my daily practice. I like your private studio in Peaslake”
-Agostinho Machado, London