Women’s Yoga

5 Week Well Women’s Yoga Course

Join this 5 week course in which we practice “being”, rather then doing.

We live in a world in which we’ve been trained to value money, materialism & individuality, rather than love, wisdom & community.
We’ve been educated to rationalize & reason, rather than to use our intuition & imagination.

We’ve been taught to compete & use aggression, rather than cooperate & exercise compassion. We’ve been conditioned to connect to our phones & computers, rather than communicating with Mother Nature. In short, we’ve been overdriven by masculine principles & have forsaken our feminine nature.

Expect asana to honor our bodies, meditation to get you out of our heads and into our hearts, discussions to bring us into connection and a greater understanding of our worlds, and experiential exercises and ritual to enter the mystical realm and bring us back into right relation with the sacred. Together we will help ourselves remember and learn to truly honor the paradise into which we were born!

Classes are on Monday at 10.am till 11.15am
and Wednesday evening 6.45pm till 8pm
You can start on Monday the 18th of September
or Wednesday the 20th of September.
The course will run for 5 weeks.
Please let me know wich day you would like to join.

You can buy your tickets on my website
If you have any questions please email me or pm me.

Love and light
In this circle you will be fully supported to go deep within yourself and let go of the old ways of being that are no longer in alignment with who you are and where you are going.

This is a closed group of 8 women. 
Please get in touch if you would like to go on a waiting list.

Go to this website for further info www.thefeminineawakened.com